Jadurru Indigenous Art

The Fertility Mother

The Fertility Mother by Indigenous Artist Jimmy Deen

Life started when a creator woman called Warramurrungundji came out of the sea. She carried with her a digging stick and a dilly bag holding yams, waterlilies and other important plants. She planted the food and created waterholes in the ground with her digging stick.

She also created mountains and creeks, and left on the land her spirit children that she had carried in her womb. Groups of children were given different languages. From Warramurrungundji’s acts, new creator beings appeared. Other Dreamtime creatures began to weave the land. The fertility mother is also responsible for the seasonal changes that govern the country, the onset of rains, wind, and drought.

After completing her creative acts, Warramurrungundji turned herself into a rock. Forever within the landscape she created.


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