The Platypus (2014) L100cmxH100cm


Artist:     Jimmy DEEN

Dimension: L100cmxH100cmxW3.7cm

Medium:  Acrylic on Linen Canvas


According to Aboriginal legend, the first platypus were born after a young female duck mated with a lonely and persuasive water-rat.  The duck’s offspring had their mother’s bill and webbed feet and their father’s four legs and handsome brown fur.  The young ducks tribe banished her and her children as her children did not belong to the tribe, so the mother duck left with her two children and headed up stream where she could hide from her tribe and the water-rat.  She kept going until she reached the mountains where the creek grew narrow on its banks, and there she lived with her children.

Aboriginal people had many different names for the animal, including “boondaburra”, “mallingong” and “tambreet”.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 x 3.7 x 100 cm


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