Jadurru Indigenous Art

Initiation (2014) L91.5cmxH61cm


Artist:   Jimmy Deen

Dimension: L91.5cmxH61cmxW3.6cm

Medium:   Acrylic on Linen Canvas


This painting depicts communities of Aboriginal tribes walking traditionally in a line across their land, to come together for an Initiation Ceremonies of boys becoming men.

Ceremonies are an important way for Indigenous people to communicate with their spirits, and to learn the culture’s law.


Male initiation usually begins by taking young boys away from their parents for months, and subjecting them to tough conditions and teaching them the law. They require preparation work by the whole group, as they provide the social high points in the cycle of life.

Initiated adults generally control rituals and ceremonies and use their knowledge and power to ensure Indigenous traditions continue. The Elders are well respected in Indigenous society as keepers of great knowledge and experience about their community’s life. They pass on important ritual information until their health fails.


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