Jadurru Indigenous Art

Bilbies (2015) L61cmxH61cm


Artist:   Jimmy DEEN

Dimension:   L61cmxH61cmxW3.7cm

Medium:   Acrylic on Cotton Canvas



The artist has created an interpretation of Bilbies on their natural habitat, sand. 


The story on Bilbies, they are nocturnal marsupial and have long silky blue-grey fur, ears like a rabbit and a bushy black tail with a white tip. They have powerful forelimbs and strong claws for digging. Bilbies have back legs that look like those of a kangaroo, but bilbies don’t hop, they gallop like a horse when they need some speed. And the sound they make is cross between a grunt and a squeak.

Their vision is poor, but their sense of smell and hearing are acute, and they rarely need to drink. Bilbies live in the sand country with a mixture of bare soil and grass clumps. Traditional patch burning by the Aboriginals helped the Bilby because it reduced the amount of shrub cover and stimulated the growth of its food supplies.

Bilbies are omnivores, they scratch around at night for seeds, grubs, bulbs, fruit and insects. When looking for food they dig with their front legs and then sniff in the hole with their long nose. Bilbies remain in their deep burrows, sometimes up to 2m deep and 3 metres long during the day, and come out at night to feed.

Today Bilbies are mostly restricted to scattered colonies in the desert country northwest of Alice Springs. There is also an isolated colony near Boulia in Queensland.


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