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Jimmy Deen - Australian Indigenous ArtistHi my name is Jimmy Deen.  I am a qualified tradesmen painter. Four years ago, I decided to explore my Aboriginal Heritage, through the art of painting traditional dotted colours of the outback, and also introducing bright colours into my Original arts of work. My totem name is Gangurru, the Aboriginal word means Kangaroo. My ancestors come from the Gunggari Aboriginal people who are the traditional owners of the land, South and West of Queensland.

My great, great grandparents Tommy and Sarah were Aboriginals, who travelled the outskirts of Queensland, and later settled in Wild Horse Plains, Bollon, is a town in South West Queensland, in the Balonne Shire area. The town was established in 1879, and the town is thought to have originated from the word ‘Bolion’, meaning stone tomahawk or axe. The name was later adapted by white settlers to Bollon.

My great, great grandfather worked as a labourer, when my great, great grandmother Sarah had her first born child, a girl named Topsy, my great grandmother. When my great grandmother Topsy was older, she met a white man named John who worked as a Station hand in Bollon, my great grandmother worked in Domestic Duties. They had four children, with the first born a girl named Ethel, my grandmother, and my father’s mother. My inspiration comes from my grandmother, I could feel this hand guiding me through my paintings, and I knew it was my grandmother’s hand because she was Aboriginal.  My grandmother was a wonderful woman who taught me many great things as a child, my grandmother passed away when I was only 12 years old. With my grandmother’s guidance, and my father watching down on me, who also passed away many years ago. I have been able to create my own interpretation of memories and Dreamtime Stories.

I hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I love creating them.

Jimmy DEEN


In 2016 I created & designed this new Aboriginal artwork of Australia for Sunland Caravans, as their new logo for their patriot vans, representing travelling.


Connection Cards

These are four of 20 Aboriginal cards that I created and designed, that are connected to our culture, land, home and family. I wanted to share some with you. I created these cards for Connections Health Services, who are a support service that help people feel valued, worthwhile and connected to their heritage, and also giving people a better life, and the ability to live their own lives.

These cards are conversation tools that help assist in exploring values, dreams, and goals with a person. They help build relationships that promote the person to speak freely of what they see in the picture, and what it means to them. And explore the person’s feelings and understanding of themselves and the life around them.

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