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The PlatypusAt the very beginning, the land and the people were created by the spirits. They made the rivers, the water holes, the hills and rocks, and all things living. They gave us hunting things, they gave each tribe its land, they gave us our totems and they gave us our Dreaming.

Aboriginals believed that the world was made by the Ancestors, back in the Dreamtime. The Ancestors made everything, the rocks, mountains, plants, animals and the Aboriginals too. The Ancestors left certain sights to show which places were to be sacred sites to keep the spirits of the Ancestors alive.


Dreamtime legends form a part of Australian literature and was the basis for Aboriginal religion and culture. It dated back to 65,000 years and contains many parts. It is the story of things that happened, how the universe came to be, how human beings were created.

My paintings of Dreamtime Stories, and memories are dedicated to my ancestors and to my grandmother, for giving me this gift to share with all.

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Jimmy Deen


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All paintings for sale are viewable in the GALLERY SHOP


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